Balcony Safety Inspections

Raised Timber Framed - Balcony’s – Decks - Verandah’s and patio’s.

In Australia, as with countries with warmer climates, outdoor living facilities such as balconies, patios, decks, verandah’s are prominent and a common feature amongst residential buildings. These outdoor facilities are regularly used for outdoor activities, entertainment and relaxation purposes.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging and Building Diagnostics

Building Inspection Services Queensland provides thermal imaging services carried out by professional building and timber pest inspectors. Thermal Imaging Cameras are used by our Inspectors to identifying energy loss caused by missing or defective insulation, moisture penetration and possible termite risk areas that may require further inspection.

Sustainable Housing

Covenants and body corporate by-laws

Since 1 January 2010, new and some existing covenants and body corporate by-laws have been prevented from banning energy efficient features or fixtures and requiring certain design elements in houses, townhouses, units or enclosed garages. The law on these issues was further amended on 23 May 2010.

Smoke Alarms in Queensland

The use of Photoelectric Smoke Alarms is strongly recommended. Smoke alarms save lives. Without them in your home, your risk of death from a house fire is up to 3 times higher. In Queensland, about three-quarters of all home fire deaths happen in homes without smoke alarms — nearly half of all house fire deaths occur when people are sleeping.